Human H3K27ac peak file generated with CUT&Tag using K562 cell-line from Kaya-Okur et al., (2019). Human genome build hg19 was used. Raw peak file (.BED) was obtained from GEO ( Peak calling was performed by Leyla Abbasova using MACS2. The peak file was then imported as an GRanges object. Peaks located on chromosome 1 were subsetted to reduce the dataset size.



An object of class GRanges of length 1670.


The code to prepare the .Rda file from the raw peak file is:

# sequences were directly downloaded from
# and peaks (BED file) were generated by Leyla Abbasova (Neurogenomics Lab, Imperial College London)
CnT_H3K27ac <- ChIPseeker::readPeakFile("path", as = "GRanges")
CnT_H3K27ac <- CnT_H3K27ac[seqnames(CnT_H3K27ac)== "chr1"]
my_label <- c("name","score","strand","signalValue","pValue","qValue","peak")
colnames(GenomicRanges::mcols(CnT_H3K27ac)) <- my_label